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"Igniting opportunities by setting people in motion"

Fastrak Network is at the crossroad where opportunity meets integrity

What are the benefits of trading Forex?

Foreign exchange (forex, or FX for short) is the marketplace for trading all the world's currencies and is the largest financial market in the world. Trading 5.3 Trillion dollars a day. There are many benefits of trading forex, which include convenient market hours, high liquidity and the ability to trade on margin.

The foreign exchange (FX) market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week – from 5pm EST Sunday to 4pm EST Friday*. As a result of the high liquidity, trading forex has become is a surefire way for many to achieve financial independence relatively fast.       

Fastrak Network has provided its members with a fully automated system to enable its members to earn passive income week after week - the possibilities are endless.           

Bring your Vision and we'll make it our Mission.

Join the most powerful wealth building platform. Simply position yourself and enjoy a lifetime of residual income month after month.

FASTRAK Network is an independent platform built on a first come first serve basis.

A System that is Proven

We play to win... but our true mission is to completely dominate the industry

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Absolutely no risk -  A FREE membership based  system that gives you access to the world's largest financial market, with a team that turns winning into a reality.                                 



Our algorithmic formula places you on the winning edge. Earning you passive income week after week without ever placing a single  trade.  Working with amazing partners, winning in the industry in within reach.                                                                       



A system that is automated  and fully secured. A system with an algorithm that ensures each member their piece of the pie. 



FASTRAK a Community Funding Social Platform.

Join the most powerful wealth building platform. Simply position yourself and enjoy a lifetime of residual income month after month. What makes FASTRAK NETWORK unique? It is our fully automated system that essentially converts network marketing into a failure proof business. The old stigma of a failing industry has come to an end right here - right now! With this system everyone is condemned to succeed. FASTRAK Network is an independent platform promoting Community Funding as well as Forex trading.

Want to build a team? No problem! Our revolutionary new concept is a complete game changer. It builds your complete downline. Simply position yourself and our automated system will do the heavy lifting for you. Take advantage of the most powerful tool in the industry, join the thousands who have already joined our platforms and enjoy the life that you’ve always dreamed of.





Chicago, IL

With the Fastrak platform, we have the best of both world. Access to a top rated educational platform. Adding to that is the potential to be part of a global network of industry  leaders to guide you every step of the way and collect residual payment weel after week.  like they say the size of your network determines your networth.  Glad to be a member of the FASTRAK platform.




Miami - FL

"As a single mom and part time college student, it was difficult to leave my two and a half year old daughter at home to go out and seek employment. I began looking for online opportunities and came across Fastrak Network. The approach to positioning their members to build a sustainable business is by far the best I have seen. You can not go wrong joining as a member. with the results being instantaneous, It sounded too good to be true until I experienced it.                   




Stamford  -  CT

 My name is Jason, I have been doing online trading for quite sometime.  I enjoyed the flexibility  being able to schedule my own hours. Now, with access to this platform, possibilities are endless. Being part of the Fastark family is just amazing. Especially knowing that you have access to a team of experienced leaders with no limit, no boundaries when it comes to creating access for the masses. Glad to be a part of this team.


The Solution

Fastrak Network is a financial education and wealth building system that empowers its members by giving them complete access to the world's largest financial market. Our partnership with a world-renowned trading platform positions our members to earn passive income week after week. We are dedicated to our members andwe are fully prepared to assist you in learning how to navigate the financial markets!

  • An automated system that builds your downline
  • Opportunity to get your matrix built perfectly
  • Absolutely no recruitment ever
  • Get paid week after week

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